Fun Fun English


Children's language learning process should be full of fun, so the school incorporates language teaching in games, singing, art creation, and stories. Properly done, students use it throughout their lives.




Many games are fun and train thinking and listening. "Music Chair", "Music Pass", "Bingo", "Find the Wrong Place", and "Right and Right" are all children's good companions in the kindergarten.



Singing Tour


Toddlers like to sing. Singing allows them to master many vocabulary and pronunciation, and to develop communicative skills. Mimes, songs that imitate animals, and songs that coordinate movement are especially pleasing to young children. Old MacDonald had a Farm, Wheels on the Bus, Five Little Ducks Went Out One Day are good examples.






Meiyi creation allows children to combine hand-eye-brain coordination with listening instructions, while listening to instructions and doing things by hand, let children contact various materials, inspire creativity, and cultivate their aesthetic sentiment.




Stories stimulate young children's imagination. Listening coupled with the stimulation of pictures, the teacher's expressions, tones, and movements can all improve children's language skills. They will also feel kind to English.


Special event


Every year, the spring trails allow children to recognize the shapes and colors of various plants and insects during the observation process, such as "yellow butterflies" and "round leaves", all of which help to use common words.